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In short, BI Monitoring tool would help you monitor and check the status of the BI services, i.e. SSIS, SSAS and SSRS along with the SQL Service and if there is something wrong it would notify you via an email with the use of Task Scheduler, SQL Agent Job, etc for scheduling purpose.

When you might need it?
For instance, I am a DBA or a BI Administrator and I need to make sure that the services are functioning just fine I would have to wait for people to knock and inform if something went wrong.
Why wait for someone to inform you?
What if there is a situation when no one is there to inform and there is something critical that was scheduled and all of a sudden something went wrong and eventually that would not complete?

You might need an automated tool to monitor the status of the BI and SQL service/s on a continuous scheduled way and shoot out an email to you if there is something wrong.

How would it work?
(1) It provides you with a UI to configure all that you need, i.e. which all services you would like to check the status for. Through this UI, you would also need to provide relevant information required for all the services that you would like to monitor and also configure relevant settings for your SMTP to be able to send out an email back to you.
(2) A log file is also maintained to keep logging how all the services are functioning and log errors as well.
(3) You would have to use the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule this tool (exe). For example if you want it to run for every 5 minutes you set the schedule appropriately in the scheduled task, i.e. it would check the status of all the services you have selected to monitor at an interval of 5 minutes.
You can refer on how to schedule an exe using Task Schduler.
For more information on Task Scheduler, please refer
Alternatively, you can also use SQL Job any other mechanism you prefer for scheduling.
(4) You set a counter as per when would you like to get an email. For example, I would like to get an email after 3 consecutive failures so I would set this value to 3.
(5)A configuration file is maintained to store all the values. If would modify the password and then store it in some other format so that there is some sort of assurance that a human eye doesn't capture it just like that.

(1) In case if you go for SQL Server Authentication for monitoring the status of SQL Server, it would be preferable to have a test SQL Server user with the least privileges to avoid any threat. Please note that as stated above, the password is not stored as it is.
(2) Similarly, use a test email user to send out the emails.
(3) If there are different Windows users under whose context you would like to monitor different services, then run different instances of the application.
(4) You have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the tool. For the SSIS functionality to work you would need to have SQL Server 2012 being installed(at least SQL Server Management Studio) so that you have the required DLLs. If you have a different version of SQL Server and you do not want to install SQL Server 2012 Management Studio at least, you can also go ahead and change the DLL references accordingly using the solution file and get the SSIS piece to work as well.
If required, you can download SQL Server Management Studio (2012) from

How to use it?
Download the zip file, extract it and run the executable file "BIMonitoring.exe".

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